Rake in the big bucks from your internet biz

Money and business go together like fish and chips, Beyoncé and Jay-Z or Sonny and Cher.

Well, not exactly.

Starting and sustaining a successful business is more like watching cash crumble through your fingers. You might just be able to sustain yourself from quarter to quarter, but you’ll have to crowbar your way into the world of profit.

That’s why the online world is so appealing to many a business. With an Ethernet connection, you can cut staff numbers, the size of your workplace (if you need one at all) and still keep the cash rolling in.

With that in mind, what do you need to make your business shine when you’re online?

Make delivery a dawdle

We’ve all suffered at the hands of bothersome delivery drivers who couldn’t give two tosses about your parcel. You’ll wait in your home at the allotted delivery time, only to find a note on your doorstep, reading, “Sorry we missed you! We’ll try again next decade!”

And unless you’re in the sadomasochism business, you don’t want to punish people for ordering from your company.

It’s important to make the right choice when you invest in an international courier. Since Royal Mail was privatized, a multitude of smaller delivery services have popped into existence, but very few can offer top notch service.

Make sure you make the right decision and you’ll enjoy a first-class delivery every time.

Get global

Being online isn’t like setting up a tiny shop on the corner. You won’t be able to court regular visitors with sweet talk, and you won’t be able to use the local vernacular for that human touch.

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Instead, you’re enticing a global audience who’ll take their business elsewhere if they don’t understand your jabbering.

Make sure the copy on your site isn’t bogged down with jargon or colloquialisms that’ll alienate your audience. The more accessible you are, the higher your profits will be.

Grab their attention

People nowadays have about as much focus as an ADHD child surrounded by shiny objects. The average internet user, for instance, will wait for a web page to load for an average of four seconds before shutting your site and heading elsewhere.

Again, grabbing their attention falls down to the words and design. Is your copy catchy or sloppy? Is your design dazzling or dismal? Make improvements on both and your customers won’t head elsewhere.

More than this, litter your site with effective calls to action, a prompt that will cajole your customers into making a purchase.

Ultimately, effective design can only go so far. But with the help of an ace-looking site, your business services will have the perfect chance to shine.