Decor tips for the fall season

Fall is the time of the year when you start to spend more and more of your free time inside because the weather doesn’t always allow you to go outside. You dedicate more time to watching movies, Netflix series, reading books, or browsing magazines. Besides, fall is considered the season of comfort, because there’s nothing quite like getting cozy and spending time inside with your loved ones or just doing the things you love. Your house is already probably the coziest place you can think of, but you can always make some improvements to increase the atmosphere of comfort.

Increase the comfort with blankets

If fall is the season of comfort, what can you add to your home to increase this feeling of comfort? Blankets are the embodiment of coziness. The feeling of being cocooned in a blanket is incomparable. But blankets also make great home decor accessories, especially in the fall season. For example, you could drape a new blanket over your living room couch. To match the season, choose orange, red, yellow, or brown blanket, or a combination of these beautiful and vibrant colors. You could also hang a nice blanket on the wall, for example, a patchwork or plaid blanket in the fall color palette, which would resemble the bed of leaves outside. As for blanket materials, you have plenty of options, but if you want a nice and soft texture, maximum warmth, and comfort, you should opt for a merino wool blanket. Irish merino wool is particularly soft, lightweight, and luxurious. Websites such as Keily’s Irish Dance offer a large range of merino wool Irish blankets and throws, check it out.

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Bring more seasonal elements to your decor

There are lots of nice accessories, even DIY ones, that you can add to your interior in the fall. This will add seasonal charm and make the space look more attractive. First and foremost, add pumpkins. Put some pumpkins on display in your dining room or on your coffee table. Also, put some chestnuts on display. Add a pumpkin-shaped centerpiece, such as a vase, to your living room. Another thing you can add is candles. Regular candles work for adding a bit of moodiness to the decor, but if you want to fully capture the spirit of the season, then you should try some pumpkin-scented candles. Another fun thing you could do is add some garlands and wreaths, for example, a leaf or a chestnut garland on your mantelpiece, or a wheat wreath on your door or window. It would also be nice to put more baskets on display, whether it’s fruit baskets, baskets for storage, or even basket accessories that you can hang on your wall to add some texture. All of these are minor details that you can add to your decor, but they have a strong impact on the atmosphere of the room. You will bring the spirit of the season into your house with these accessories.